Sr. Scientist III - Lake County, IL


  • Strategic leader on one or more synthetic API isolation and final purification steps including but not limited to: crystallization, polymorph control, drying, and particle size distribution control.  Influences the approach to unit operation design and commercial control strategy implementation.

  • Leads technology transfer of small molecule chemical process from lab and pilot scale to production manufacturing facility.

  • Influences the development of control strategy to ensure commercial process robustness and product quality at one or more sites globally.

  • Has developed a strong understanding of commercial manufacturing facility equipment such as reactors, centrifuges, filters dryers and auxiliary piping and utilities.

  • Conceptualizes and implements novel approaches using combinations of engineering and scientific principles.

  • Utilizes knowledge of engineering, literature, and experience to guide decisions for complex situations

  • Must have an in-depth understanding of the cause/effect relationship to use for improvements to multiple processes and products.

  • Independently designs and coordinates experiments to test hypotheses related to project outcomes; extracts the full relevance of scientific observations.

  • Applies extensive, advanced scientific knowledge to multidisciplinary projects.

  • Assures experimental quality through sound experimental design and provides advice on experimental design. Successfully designs and executes major studies.

  • Implements new technical alternatives for research from literature review, industry knowledge, and development experience.

  • Familiar with lab environment and safety practices; assumes higher roles of responsibility in department or division (e.g., Dept./Div. Representative).

  • Applies advanced technical writing skills to produce technical reports and regulatory filings.

  • Anticipates, recognizes, and resolves problems. Shows understanding of the issues relevant to the broad organization and business.

Desired Skills:

  • BS in Chemical Engineering or related field with minimum 12 years of experience

  • MS in Chemical Engineering or related field with minimum 10 years of experience

  • PhD in Chemical Engineering or related field with minimum 5 years of experience 

  • Demonstrate the ability to resolve key project hurdles and assumptions by effectively utilizing available information and technical expertise.

  • Publish research in peer-reviewed journals and present work at scientific conferences.

  • Proactively seek out new information in the literature and incorporate this into individual project(s) as well as the overall program.

  • Seize opportunities to pursue project relevant leads that are in line with the group’s strategy.

  • Maintain a high level of productivity in the lab.

  • Understand and adhere to corporate standards regarding code of conduct, safety, appropriate handling of materials, controlled drug and radioactive compounds, GxP compliance, and animal care where applicable. May mentor/supervise a team of one or more and guide and evaluate the performance of those individuals; is accountable for the effective performance of the team/individuals.

  • U.S. citizen/green card holder required.