EMI Design Engineer - Torrance, CA

Seeking an EMI Design Engineer who can lead and oversee EMI processes and operations, as well as electrical test and analysis of systems, subsystems, and components.


  • Define and implement EMI/EMC requirements to meet specified product performance for all aspects of Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) compliance, including EMI/EMC/EME/ESD/EMP and lightning.

  • System level EMC design (system level grounding/isolation design, generate electrical bonding specifications, filtering designs and shielding designs).

  • Develop models for interference coupling mechanisms, shielding integrity, and circuit/cable interface isolation to mitigate and control conducted/radiated emissions and susceptibility stimuli.

  • Conduct component and system EMI tests.

  • Generate EMI control plans, and test guidelines, procedures, reports and waivers Electrical/RF:- Familiar with electrical and RF test equipment

  • Demonstrate the ability to lead, coordinate, solve problems, and work well in a team environment.


  • Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering or Electronics with 5 years of experience, or MSEE with 3 years of experience.

  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in EMI Test Lab operations or related experience.

  • Must have direct experience conducting tests as defined in MIL-STD 461F and 464C. 

  • Solid experience with Military Defense applications.

  • Excellent technical writing, verbal communication, and presentation skills are essential.

  • U.S. citizen required.


  • Experience in performing radiated and emitted analyses and working with analytical models for radiated electrical fields.

  • Proficient in EMI product qualification or acceptance tests and test techniques.

  • Experience in EMI research, development, design, and test of electrical components, equipment, systems, and networks.

  • Strong mathematical background and analytical simulation experience

  • Strong background in EMI test environment

  • Experience with EMI analytical models and analysis